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Indulge into the ultimate pampering experience at Evolve Massage & Wellness Center. Rejuvenate, exfoliate, and improve your facial skin with our 90-minute facials performed by our licensed professionals. Meet your specific skin care goals and needs. Book an appointment with us today.

We use Bioelements professional skin care products in our facials.
Bioelements offers products for all skin types, making it possible to meet your skin care needs with the change of the seasons.

90 Minute Facial

Our 90-Minute Facial will is conducted by a licensed professional, using Bioelements products. Your esthetician will start with a consultation of your skin under a powerful magnifying glass, and then a cleanser and exfoliation. Next comes the mask, and a light effleurage from the neck and shoulders into the arms and hands, using a hypoallergenic oil. Your facial finishes up with a serum, an eye créam, a moisturizer, and/or a SPF. Your esthetician will take notes on the process and any products used. You may also choose a hand or foot scrub, and enjoy aromatherapy diffused throughout the session, (Wild Orange, Lavender, or Eucalyptus,) A face and scalp reflexology and pressure point massage will also be conducted.

Introductory 90-Minute Facial – $87.00 
Full-Price 90-Minute Facial – $107.00

First-time clients get an introductory facial at a discounted rate. After your first visit, full prices will apply. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first appointment to accommodate the check-in process and fill out the intake form. Save time by completing the form on your own and bringing it with you, click here to download it.

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Facial Upgrades

There are several different upgrades that can be added to a facial. If you are
To download a printable list of our facial upgrades, please click here.


Lactic Plus Peel – $10.00 

This peel contains 30% organic Lactic Acid, which exfoliates the uppermost layers of the stratum corneum. Pumpkin enzymes rejuvenate and reveal healthy, glowing skin.
It’s a good start for anyone who has never had a peel before or for anyone who cannot tolerate glycolic acid.

Glycolic Detox Charcoal Peel Level 2 – $15.00 

This peel contains 15% Glycolic Acid, 5% Lactic Acid, and 3% Willowherb, which all work together to exfoliate and dissolve surface cells and leave the skin glowing, while activated coconut charcoal detoxifies and draws out again environmental properties.
It’s designed for more resistive skin and anyone who has tolerated the Lactic-Plus Peel Level 1.

Glycolic Detox Charcoal Peel, Level 3 – $15.00 

This peel contains 25% Glycolic Acid, 5% Lactic Acid, and 3% Willowherb, which all work together to exfoliate and dissolve surface cells and leave the skin glowing. Activated coconut charcoal detoxifies and draws out again environmental properties.
It’s designed for the most resistive skin and anyone who has tolerated both Lactic-Plus Peel Level 1 and Glycolic Detox Charcoal Peel Level 2.


Advanced Vitamineral Deep Detox Mask – $5.00 

This is a great mask for someone looking to even out skin tone & texture. The activated coconut charcoal filters out toxins, leaving the skin fresh and clean.

Amino Mask – $5.00 

This mask is made to treat and heal acne breakouts. The 5% sulfur penetrates pores, removes excess oil, and reduces pimples. It also contains lactic acid which removes the buildup of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

Flaxx-C Firming Mask – $5.00 

If you’re looking to lift, firm, and tighten your skin, this is the mask for you. This anti-aging mask is formulated with flax seed, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and helps strengthen the skin. Red rooibos tea brightens and protects from free radical damage.
Please note: anyone with allergies to dairy or eggs should avoid this product.

V-Neck Firming Mask – $5.00 

This anti-aging mask will tighten, soften, and smooth a sagging neck, as well as the v-neck tissue. It contains albumin, which helps to firm, as well as algae extract to strengthen. If you are looking to stimulate collagen production, reduce the loss of elasticity, minimize lines and wrinkles, and smooth rough texture, please give this mask a try.
Please note: anyone with allergies to shellfish, iodine, or eggs should avoid this product.

Paraffin Wax Treatments

Hands – $5.00 

This is the perfect add-on for tired and overworked hands. The warmth of the paraffin will moisturize the skin, leaving your hands softer and more radiant. Your hands give away your age quicker than you may think, take care of them with this upgrade.

Paraffin Mask – $10.00 

A great add-on to any facial. The warm paraffin has a soothing and therapeutic effect, which helps increase circulation, open pores, and soften the skin. It is great for anyone, especially those with dry skin. It will leave your skin hydrated, feeling and looking fresher and younger.

Hands Wax Treatments - Evolve Massage & Well Center

Hand and Foot Scrubs

This is an exfoliating treatment, using one of several salt or sugar scrubs.
It’s applied to the hands and/or feet, and removed with warm towels.
The scrub removes dead skin, and hydrates, leaving you feeling smooth and soft.

Hand or foot scrub – $10.00 
Combination scrub – $15.00

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