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The Evolve Story

Evolve Massage & Wellness Center´s

The founding partners, Jennifer Boal and Dr. Bryan Mock, began to discuss the potential of opening a spa back in 2009. Jennifer and Bryan were faculty members of a local college that had a massage program. Between their areas of expertise in massage and business development, they desired to create a business that would be considered by clientele and staff as a premier spa of choice while maintaining a local, family-owned atmosphere, as well as affordable pricing options.

As Jennifer and Bryan explored the many available franchises and business formats in Pittsburgh, they opted to create an independent business in July 2011 and opened for the spa by October of the same year.

The a key reason for opening Evolve Massage and Wellness Center as an independent business was the ability to manage quality per their expectations, provide flexibility in client membership options, and provide employment conditions to keep pace with industry changes without the red-tape of a franchise agreement.

From the beginning, Jennifer and Bryan built a business where clients and employees felt appreciated and valued: a special place, that focused on the health and happiness of the clients, while meeting the needs of its employees. In the past several years the local spa industry has gone through many changes. The local spa market now has three aggressive national chains that Evolve is competing against. The owners have made operational changes to continue to ensure that the spa would remain successful while still offering our clients services from the best-licensed therapists and estheticians in Western Pennsylvania.

In​ ​January​ ​2016

The partnership between Jennifer and Bryan ended, as Jennifer had great opportunities to pursue in her education management career. Dr. Bryan Mock has continued on as the owner, giving Jennifer and her husband Ryan credit for many of Evolve’s great early successes. From these early successes, Evolve has to continued grow into the one of the best reviewed and most successful spas in the region.

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